Oxoscript turns into NanoPy - more infos


General Terms and Conditions of OXON AG for the use of the NanoPy development and runtime environment.

Introductory Provisions:

These General Terms and Conditions of OXON AG govern the cooperation between OXON AG (in short: OXON) regarding the use of the NanoPy development and runtime environment (in short: NanoPy) with the user(s) (in short: User:in). By using NanoPy, the User accepts these General Terms and Conditions (GTC). Violation of the GTC or the intellectual property rights of OXON may lead to the blocking of access and to civil and criminal consequences. If NanoPy is used by minors in connection with teaching at schools, their teachers or legal representatives:are responsible for compliance with the GTC.


Users agree to respect all intellectual property rights of OXON. OXON and NanoPy are registered trademarks of OXON AG and may not be used by third parties without written permission. The NanoPy environment can be used by users free of charge. The examples listed in the documentation can be used for own projects and modified as desired. With the exception of the example codes, the descriptions (tutorial, documentation, references) are protected by copyright and may not be used outside the NanoPy environment without written permission from OXON. It is also prohibited to reverse engineer the NanoPy system, as the algorithmic implementation of the system is copyrighted.


In principle, OXON provides NanoPy to user:s free of charge. However, a licensed compatible device from OXON or a partner is required for use. The device serves as an access key to the system. The solution is operated on a cloud infrastructure in Switzerland or the EU. OXON strives to run the operation 24hx7d. Support includes advice and assistance to the users of the platform. Fault reports are accepted exclusively in writing via support@NanoPy.com. In addition, OXON provides online forums for the various devices in which users can help each other out with questions. These forums are regularly visited and managed by OXON staff. The forum links can be found on the corresponding product pages. OXON supports user:ins in solving problems, but cannot guarantee a solution.


OXON strives for a continuous operation of 7 x 24h, but cannot guarantee this. The cloud infrastructure is guaranteed by an external cloud operator. The system has basically a very high availability with rare system failures. OXON also monitors the entire infrastructure and also ensures that the systems are protected against hacker attacks in the best possible way.

Nevertheless, OXON cannot rule out the possibility of planned or unplanned service interruptions.

Confidentiality and Data Protection:

OXON is aware of its responsibility when processing personal data. For a detailed explanation of what personal data is processed and how, OXON refers to the Privacy Policy for the use of NanoPy:

Privacy Policy

In principle, no login is required for the use of NanoPy, as a licensed device from OXON or a partner serves as the access key. With an additional login, users can save their own programs permanently under their e-mail address. For the password it is important not to use an existing one. With a password manager, it is now possible to create generated passwords, which provide a much higher level of security than strings you have created yourself. OXON stores the e-mail address and the password encrypted in its own backend system.

The programs created by users and stored in the database are treated confidentially and are not accessible to OXON. However, OXON reserves the right to use the programs to improve and optimize the NanoPy environment in automated, anonymized tests. However, the contents will never be reused without consulting the user.