Oxoscript turns into NanoPy - more infos


The (R)evolution begins with educational computers

Currently, NanoPy can be used exclusively on the Oxocard Mini series of learning, sensory and gaming computers.

The Oxocard Minis are credit card sized boards with powerful 32bit processor, 2MB RAM and 8MB Flash. The devices all have a high resolution TFT screen and five buttons.

The three cards differ in pre-installed demo programs and different sensor technology.


To use NanoPy, you need one of these cards. Further information can be found on the Oxocards homepage: www.oxocard.ch.

NanoPy for electronics

Enter the fascinating world of electronics with the new Innovator Kit for Oxocard Connect.


It includes an Oxocard Connect and a breadboard cartridge as well as 96 electronic components that you can use to build a variety of electronic circuits. With the purchase you get free and unlimited access to the editor of nanopy.io with a variety of scripts that you can transfer to your Oxocard Connect at the touch of a button. You will also find an electronics course with 15 experiments that show you step by step how to switch LEDs, connect a servo, create acoustic signals with a piezo and much more.

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NanoPy for own electronics integrate

You have developed your own product and are looking for a programming environment that allows users to customize your product?

Take advantage of a perfectly built toolchain for microcontroller programming.

With our extensive knowledge in embedded computing and a lot of project experience, we are the perfect partner. Interested in licensing? Then contact us under: license@nanopy.io