Oxoscript turns into NanoPy - more infos

Frequent questions

How is the Oxocard programmed with NanoPy?

In the online editor the code is managed and changed. By clicking on "Execute" this code will be this code is forwarded to the connected Oxocard. The card then checks the code and converts it into a more compact form (bytecode), which is then executed on the card. executed on the card. In case of an error, the card reports the error back to the editor, which can thereby can indicate on which line the erroneous code is "approximately" located.

Why can’t the Oxocards be programmed with Python?

Python is a very powerful, but also a very resource-hungry programming language, developed mainly for PC's/Macs/Servers, where a lot of computing power and a lot of memory is available. Oxocard is a very minimalistic system with relatively few resources. For example, the card has approximately 1/1000th of the main memory of a of the main memory of a common smartphone. NanoPy is optimized for small computers and can perform very and can provide very powerful algorithms that would not be possible with Python. Python would not be possible. Among other things, Oxocard even offers 3D animation functions.

What does the NanoPy environment offer me?

The NanoPy environment offers a fully functional code editor with many examples, complete documentation and debugging.
Programming runs via browser and is very powerful and fast. You don’t need to install any software and you can stop and watch programs with the debugger.

What is NanoPy?

NanoPy is a programming language that is strongly oriented towards the popular programming language programming language Python, but simplified and optimized for small small computers.

How can I update the firmware?

The firmware is always installed automatically when the card is started, as soon as the card has connected to the Internet. The Internet connection can be set up via the "WIFI" menu.

What firmware does my Oxocard have?

The firmware version can be called up in the menu on the Oxocard under "Info".

What personal data is stored?

Anyone working without a login is completely anonymous. Only the card itself serves as a key. Anyone who has the card can access the programs.

When you create a login, your email address is stored on the server. It is still not stored any personal data. The e-mail can be anonymous and there is no obligation to provide any personal data.

Please note that no online service can protect itself 100% from hacker attacks. Although your password is stored encrypted, it is advisable not to use passwords more than once. to use passwords more than once.

We use Google Analytics to monitor the system. Since no personal data is stored, this system can therefore at most determine when and how long a user has long a user has worked with the Oxocard. However, this can also be prevented by However, this can also be prevented by appropriate browser settings.

Do I need a login and if so, how do I get one?

Basically, no login is required to work with the Oxocard. The Oxocard is quasi the key to the own programs. So if you create codes with the Oxocard, can access the data at any time, as long as the card is available. is available. Who works with several cards or wants to have his programs also accessible with a login, you can create a login.

The login can only be created once the Oxocard has been logged in. It therefore needs a device, otherwise the NanoPy environment cannot be operated. The access is free of charge - as well as the creation of the login.

Can I use the mobile phone as a WiFi hotspot?

Connection with the cell phone is possible as follows:

Important: The hotspot on the cell phone must always be active. For the iPhone you have to under "Display and brightness" the automatic lock must be set to "Never" and and keep the hotspot window open, otherwise the connection will be lost again. disconnected.

What alternatives are there if the school WiFi does not work?

There are WiFi's that do not work with the Oxocard. As a rule, it works with all Hotspots with password (WPA/WPA2), as is the case in most households. In companies or schools, the WiFi's are often additionally supplemented with login data. supplemented. The Oxocard can handle the WPA Enterprise protocol, although this is not used in all is not used in all facilities. If a WiFi connection to the school or or company network is not possible, programming via USB cable or mobile phone cell phone hotspot.

I cannot set up WiFi. When starting up, I always get the error that no connection to my stored WiFi hotspot is possible

Switch to hotspot mode again, delete the WiFi data and set it up again. again. We notice that the password was often entered incorrectly. Unfortunately, this is only checked when the card reboots.

If you use your phone as a hotspot, make sure that the hotspot connection is enabled.

How can I programme the card wirelessly via WiFi hotspot?

The cards can be programmed very conveniently wirelessly via WLAN. To do this, the card must be integrated into the local WLAN. The process requires the name and password of the WLAN as well as a cell phone or PC/Mac.

The configuration screen of the Oxocard now appears on the cell phone:

Here you can now select the WLAN to which the card should connect. After entering the password, you can save the data and restart the card. The card is now connected to the WLAN and will probably update its firmware automatically will probably automatically update the firmware. Alternatively, the whole thing can be done without a cell phone via PC or Mac. Connect your computer with the hotspot "OXOCARD-MINI". If a password is requested is requested, enter "OXOMINI2021". Important: sometimes it takes 20-30 seconds for the web page to appear. After this process the card can be connected to the browser via editor.nanopy.io using pairing. browser by pairing.

How can I programme the card via USB cable?

The following requirements must be met: - the solution works only with Google Chrome or Edge - drivers (link) must be installed beforehand - requires firmware V1.2.1 or newer - if the firmware is older, the card must be get a WiFi connection once, so that the firmware can be updated. This WiFi connection is no longer necessary afterwards and can be deleted again. In environments where the WiFI environment is not compatible with the Oxocard, you can use a mobile a cell phone hotspot can be used for this purpose. Only minimal data is downloaded downloaded (approx. 2 megabytes).

Do I need additional material to be able to use the Oxocard?

The Oxocards don’t have a battery, but they do have a USB-C connector. To operate them, you have to connect them either with a cable to a computer, a cell phone charger or - if you want to be mobile - with a powerbank. or - if you want to be mobile - with a powerbank. The latter can be purchased for little money in department stores or online in our store.

For programming you need a PC or Mac, or a tablet with a modern browser. If you want to program the card with the cable, it needs a PC or Mac with the Google Chrome browser. If you want to program the cards wirelessly, you need a WiFI network with WPA/WPA2 identifier. With this variant, you can then also use a tablet.

What does the package contain?

In addition to the Oxocard board, each package includes a flat “USB-C to USB-A” cable, a USB-C adapter, a quick start guide, and a cardboard stand that can be used to place the Oxocard on a table.

I don’t know how to program, but I want to learn. Is the Oxocard right for me?

Over 50 sample programs are supplied with the Oxocards, which can be executed and used immediately without any adaptation.
Most programs also have a small configurator, through which the programs can be changed with sliders and switches. This does not require any programming knowledge. However, if you are interested, you will receive a free programming course with the Oxocard. In addition, all programs can also be called up and changed online free of charge. So you can use the Oxocards immediately without programming and then decide whether you want to modify existing programs, start with the programming course or - if you already have knowledge - program something of your own.

I would like to become a trader. Where can I apply?

Contact us at info@oxocard.ch. The minimum order quantity for dealers is 20 units. So you can already sell Oxocards with a few devices in your environment. The dealer discounts are based on the sales volume per purchase.

I live outside Switzerland - how do I get an Oxocard?

We also ship internationally with our online store. The cards are shipped via Fedex, which means you can receive the card worldwide usually within 2-3 business days. Please note that customs charges and sales tax will apply in the destination country.

For prospective customers from Germany: A more favorable procurement possibility offers the book trade. There you can order the equipment and teaching aids via hep verlag / Orell Füssli. Most bookstores offer such ordering options, whereby customs costs and sales tax are handled by the bookstore.

I don’t have an Oxocard yet. Where can I buy one?

The Oxocards are available from stock in many online stores. In Switzerland, you can get them at Galaxus, Brack, Microspot and many other retailers. The kits are also available in bookstores or you can order them there on request. Bookstores are supplied by our distribution partner HEP Verlag / Orell Füssli.

I have read that there are different Oxocards. How do they differ?

There are currently three different Oxocards: - The Oxocard Galaxy comes with ready-to-play games and extensive computer simulations around the theme of space. - The Oxocard Artwork shows you how to create computer generated art and animation. This card is technically the same as the Oxocard Galaxy. However, it differs in the sample programs installed and the design.
- The Oxocard Science contains a variety of sensors that can be used to perform various science experiments. Seven built-in environmental sensors provide more than twelve sensor values including air quality, temperature, humidity and light.